This spring season is, without a doubt, unlike any season we’ve experienced in the past. With the effect Coronavirus has taken on our communities, we have been asked to stay indoors, limit social activities, and wash our hands for what feels like forever. 

The good news is this event has provided us with ample time to think about how we will celebrate Easter, which is now just a few days away. We hope that you have friends or family you can safely celebrate with, even if that means getting a FaceTime or Skype chat going. 

Whether you are celebrating the religious holiday or simply enjoying a great meal with loved ones, Easter is one of those special occasions when you can get a little bit fancy with your food, bring out the tasty wine, and snack on some chocolate bunnies.

How To Create An Easter Menu

Thankfully, throughout the time of the Coronavirus, the grocery stores have been able to stay open. While there may be specialty items that are scarce, there are plenty of food and beverage choices for your Easter menu. 

Eggs, ham, lamb, and wine are likely on the top of your grocery list. You may also be considering some ingredients for a fun and colorful coconut Easter cake and some goodies to stash for the children, too. 

If you are having trouble securing the elements you need for your Easter dinner, then this is an excellent opportunity to get creative. Check out these recipes for some unique holiday meal ideas. Remember, anything that doesn’t turn out can be forgiven with a delicious glass of wine. Alternatively, many restaurants are offering take-out and/or delivery service. This is a great opportunity to support a local business and help them weather this storm. Call in advance to see if you can place your order now to ensure you get exactly what you want for the festive feast.

This Is How To Pair Your Wine To Your Meal

While ham is the most common entree for Easter dinner, it’s ok if you end up with another kind of savory meat. Many delicious wines will pair perfectly with salty, gamey meats. 

For white wine, consider a bottle on the sweeter side such as Riesling or Chenin Blanc. Both choices will add a decent amount of body to the Easter table. 

Family or guests who consider themselves red wine aficionados will enjoy their holiday dinner if the entree is paired with a lighter option such as Zinfandel or Pinot Noir. 

Pick up a few different bottles, and remember that you don’t have to open them all. With a Coravin System, the family member who loves Riesling can have a glass or two, and you can save the rest of the bottle for next Easter. 

Remember, spring is a time of renewal and reflection. Take this opportunity to consider what is most important to you and what makes you feel grateful. Pour yourself an exquisite glass of wine, and gather around the table (or computer) to share this special event with your loved ones.  This is truly a time to appreciate what, and who, we have in our lives. Cheers.