Forget what you knew about the refreshing flavors of a summer Sangria, because we’ve put a seasonal Cognac spin on the beloved cocktail that’ll warm you right up! The fusion of pear nectar, cinnamon, Merlot and just a bit of patience in our Helen’s Sangria will completely transform your perception on the classic Sangria. 

Cozy up next to the fire with a glass of our Sangria. Be sure to let us know what you think about our recipe on social by tagging our handle @Coravin.

What You’ll Need:

Glass: Highball or any Wine Glass

Garnish: Sliced Pears


2 oz Foley Sonoma Est. Merlot, Alexander Valley

.75 oz White Crème de Cacao

1⁄2 oz Cognac

2 oz Pear Nectar

1⁄2 oz Vanilla Syrup*

1 dash of Cinnamon Powder


Pour wine, cognac, crème de cacao inside highball glass & set aside. In a separate shaker, add pear nectar, cinnamon & vanilla syrup. Add fresh ice in shaker & shake vigorously. Add fresh ice inside original highball. Strain ingredients of shaker into highball to finish cocktail & garnish. Cheers!

Vanilla Syrup: This can be purchased in a local supermarket, but if you’d like, this is easy to make at home. Simply boil 1 cup of water, lower heat after boil and steep beans from 1 vanilla bean pod or use 3 drops of vanilla extract Add 1 cup of sugar to hot water and stir until dissolved. The final texture will be silky & syrupy.