In honor of this year’s Hallows Eve, we’ve concocted this Cabernet potion just for you and your goulish guests at your Halloween festivities. No such night of horror could be complete without our sweet yet dry Masquerade wine cocktail brewing in your cauldron.

Add some hocus pocus to your party with this drink, complete with Cabernet, Grand Marnier, lime and berry juice and one secret ingredient that makes this drink daringly delicious. Let us know what you think on social by tagging our handle @coravin!

What You’ll Need:

Glass: Martini/Cocktail or Couple Glass

Garnish: Edible Flower used


1.75 oz Raymond Cabernet, Napa Reserve

1.25 oz Grand Marnier 

1⁄2 oz Fresh Lime Juice

1 tsp Berry Jam (Black raspberry used for recipe) 

1 egg (Egg white only)


Pour all ingredients in a shaker & dry shake*. Open the shaker and add fresh ice & shake again for 8 seconds. Strain, Sip & Enjoy! 

*A Dry Shake is shaking all contents with no ice in a shaker for 15 seconds. This creates the egg white to froth.

Note: Egg white does not impart any flavor to the cocktail. It provides a silky, rich, foam texture. It also balances the sweetness of a cocktail by adding small hints of dryness.