Are you gearing up for your next winecation? Will you be traveling the countryside of Tuscany, roaming the city streets of Paris, or exploring your own backyard? Wherever you’re going, make sure to pack your Coravin right next to your favorite pair of sunglasses. Wine writer Chel Loves Wine recently took a trip out to Palm Springs to explore all the desert had to offer. Keep reading for her thoughts, and how convenient it was for her to have her Coravin System with her!

When I was creating my packing list for my upcoming trip, I never thought that would include my Coravin. A normal vacation packing list includes things like socks, shorts, bathing suits, and face wash, but not a Coravin. However, I decided to bring mine along on my most recent trip. What’s one more thing packed into my already overweight suitcase?? Little did I know that my Coravin would end up being one of the most important things that I packed.

Here is a little background on my trip to set the stage: In February, I flew out west with my boyfriend for a week-long vacation. We started in Los Angeles, followed by Palm Springs, Joshua Tree and then Las Vegas. It was a magical 8-day western road trip that included a lot of fun, sunshine and wine.

So, where did the Coravin come into play? Well, I don’t know about you, but when I’m on vacation, I’m doing a lot of eating out and drinking at bars and restaurants. So why did I need my Coravin? Because I’m the type of girl who likes to have a glass of wine before I go to the restaurant because I’m on vacation and that is just how I roll. I always pick up two to three bottles of wine when we land so that we have them to enjoy throughout the trip. Usually we end up opening whatever one we want to have first and then are forced to finish it up within the next 24 hours to not risk having to dump it out. Wasting wine is not something I support.

Luckily, this vacation we had our Coravin! I was able to have a glass of red before dinner on Monday and then have a glass of rosé after lunch on Tuesday without worrying about either bottle going bad. Both bottles of wine lasted the whole trip. Not only did the wine stay fresh but the Coravin allows the cork to reseal itself so I didn’t have to worry about spilling any wine when we moved from one hotel to another. I also may have gotten my wine key taken at the airport but it did not end up mattering because I had the Coravin instead.

I highly suggest bringing your Coravin along on your next vacation. Whether you’re flying, driving, or boating to your next destination, pack it in your bag and enjoy the added ease it brings to your trip. Vacations are meant to be stress free. Relaxing to enjoy one or two glasses (I do not do hangovers on vacation!) and not having to worry about wasting any wine.

Also, please remember to remove the gas capsule out of your Coravin if you are flying! I had some shipped to the hotel I was staying at in Palm Springs. Coravin has a safe way of shipping the gas capsules which saves you a lot of time and trouble. Happy sipping!

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