What’s Pi Day without a little PIE! Apple, key lime, cherry, and chocolate are all delicious options, but which ones go best with the wines you have in your collection? Keep reading to find out what you’ll be eating for dessert tonight.

Blueberry Pie and Petite Sirah

With notes of blueberry, berry jam, chocolate, vanilla and spice, petite sirah will enhance any slice of even the best blueberry pie. To take things a step further, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to balance out the heavy berry flavor.

Sweet Potato Pie and Gewürztraminer

Pairing a drier gewürztraminer with a sweet potato pie is a match that goes beyond the Thanksgiving dinner table. Sweet potatoes natural earthy taste complement the spice notes of a gewürztraminer that are good to the last bite.

Raspberry Pie and Rosé

Is there a more perfect pair than raspberries and rosé? Only if it’s raspberry PIE and rosé! Scrumptiously sweet but perfectly tart, the light, fruity tasting notes of rosé really take this dessert to the next level.

Pecan Pie and Port

Though most people typically reach for bourbon to sip on with a slice of pecan pie, if you’re looking for a new drink option, port is one of your best pie choices. With a full body and smooth texture, port also offers notes of brown sugar caramel, walnuts, mocha flavors that make this a go-to wine choice.

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