Does Coravin really work? To answer that question, Coravin has been tested by over 500 experts using the Blind Tasting method. We set before them a set of five glasses, some from a bottle previously accessed by Coravin and some from a bottle never before accessed. Then they taste to see if any of the wines have been oxidized. We have even asked winemakers to blind taste their very own wines. No oxidized wines have been found at these blind tastings! And any correct guesses have the likelihood of guessing at random.

You can put Coravin to the test at home! Follow these steps to conduct your very own blind tasting.

  1. Buy two new bottles of the exact same wine—same maker, same vintage, same everything!
  2. Use your Coravin System to access one of the bottles. Enjoy a glass! But do not access the other bottle.
  3. Date the bottle you accessed. Greg Lambrecht, the founder of Coravin, dates and signs right on the label of the bottles he has tested.
  4. Store both bottles in the same place on their side in a cool, dark environment. Wait two weeks, a few months, or more. How long do you believe Coravin can preserve your wine?
  5. When you are ready to test, have a friend pour five glasses, some glasses from the accessed bottle, some from the new bottle. (For example, four from one bottle and one from the other, or two from one bottle and three from the other. It doesn’t matter, as long as they don’t tell you which is which.)
  6. Have your friend mark the bottom of the glasses “Coravin” or “Control” so you cannot see.
  7. Taste the wines. Ask yourself:
    • Are any of the wines oxidized?
    • Are there any glasses you wouldn’t be proud to serve to a friend?
    • Do you taste differences greater than the normal difference between two bottles of the same wine?
  8. And finally, without looking at the bottom of the glasses, which were accessed with Coravin?

Don’t have a Coravin? Get yours today and get tasting! Or modify your blind tasting with Coravin accessories.