Finding the perfect gift for a wine lover can be a difficult task given the many wine personalities out there. Don’t worry, we’ve put together a guide of the top Coravin gifts for every stage of wine drinker that will far outlast the single bottle of wine you may be thinking of gifting. From casual weekend drinker to someone who loves wine and technology equally, we’ve got you covered.


For the Weekend Wine Lover 








Weekend wine lovers are the life of any party, from hosting stylish and swanky soirées to weekend nights in with loved ones, they always have bottles of wine on hand. The Coravin Model Two Elite Pro will make the perfect addition to help them cater to guests that like to have red, white or sample both! Even better, Coravin also offers Screwcaps to preserve wines that don’t use a cork for up to three months for ultimate freedom of wine choice for the host in your life.

For the Wine Curious

The wine curious are adventurous by nature and always ready to taste test and learn about multiple bottles of wine. The Coravin Model One Essentials Gift is the perfect companion to the wine-adventurer and will last a lifetime. Offering a bit more, your wine-curious friend will be able to taste hundreds of bottles thanks to the additional number of Coravin Capsules and bring it on the go to every escapade with the included Carry Case!


For the Aspiring Enthusiast








The aspiring enthusiast, like any artist or fanatic, loves to show-off their passion for wine. To help them show their stuff, the Coravin Bundle Aficionado will help them elevate their wine hobby to the next level. The best part in addition to the extra Coravin Capsules and Carry Case?  The included Vintage Pour Needle to allow sampling vintage bottles with more fragile corks! Or, if they already have a Coravin System, try gifting a Coravin Show Your Wine Off Kit. Perfect for those that may already have the System but are in need of new Needles or more Coravin Capsules, and a Premium Pedestal to show off their System (and wine devotion).


For the Wine Obsessed

The wine obsessed are definitely living life to the fullest, with a brimming glass of wine each day, and having the latest editions. The Coravin Limited Edition II Supreme Bundle is the ideal complement to their wine-centric lifestyle and the need for the exclusive. Available once per year in a unique colorway choosing between luxury and technology doesn’t have to be an option. Better yet, the included Aerator accessory allows them to perfect their pour. Thanks to you, they can now freely enjoy their wine all year long from different bottles without popping a single cork!


For the Tech and Wine Lover

The tech lover may be the most fun wine personality to shop for! Our newly released Coravin Model Eleven is a state of the art, automatic, Bluetooth connected System that will wow any techy.

Regardless of which Coravin product you decide to gift, giving the gift of freedom by the glass is sure to excite any wine lover. It may even compel them to share their multiple glasses of wine with you! Are you already gifting a Coravin to a loved one this season? We want to see their faces when they unwrap it. Share your photos by tagging us (@Coravin) or including #MyCoravinMoment in your post on all social channels.