If you’re missing the freshness of summer while still craving crisp notes of fall, then you will find your happy medium in this festive Apple Sangria! This recipe is a harvest blend of sweet cider, tart Fuji apples, and the boozy kick you need to brave the cold. Perfect times to enjoy this drink would be with family before you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, or out on the patio watching the kids play in the autumn leaves. Set aside the heavy pumpkin beers this season and opt for this lighter, more refreshing chardonnay-based cocktail that the whole table is sure to enjoy. Give this recipe a try and share with us what you think on social media using our handle @Coravin!


What you’ll need:




4 oz. Raymond, Chardonnay

0.75 oz. Bourbon

2.5 oz. apple cider

Splash of lime juice