Looking to spice up your signature drink this fall? Look no further than this delicious Oktober Shandler! Blending white wine with a wheat beer like Blue Moon and a citrus finish, it’s the perfect drink to still get those fall tasting notes in but swap out the commonly used pumpkin spice and apple ciders for an orange zest. Best times to enjoy this drink include while watching the leaves change, reading a book in a cozy, oversized sweater, or watching a football game with friends! This even makes for a refreshing new drink alternative at Thanksgiving dinner. Give this recipe a try and share with us what you think on social media using our handle @Coravin!

Although it’s recommended for October, don’t let the name stop you, enjoy this drink all fall season!

What you’ll need:


Wine Glass


4.5 oz. Merryvale, Chardonnay Carneros

1 oz. orange juice

Splash of lemon juice

1.5 oz. Weissbeer/Wheatbeer (Example: Blue Moon, Weihenstephaner)

Orange wheel for garnish


Add all ingredients except for beer into wine glass. Top with beer and enjoy!