The summer heat is scorching and it’s important to stay hydrated during the hottest months. But who says you can’t stay hydrated in style? From white and rosé, to notable reds, we’re talking about some of the best wines to drink in the summer heat.

1. White

When searching for the perfect white wine for summer, you should look for one that’s crisp and refreshing. A great option is Albariño, a dry white. This varietal produces wine with citrus aromas and it has a delightful crispness similar to freshly squeezed lemonade, making it an ideal wine to beat the  heat.

Another great choice for sipping is Riesling. High acidity mixed with some sweetness create a perfect harmony which make for a refreshing drink. Additionally, its low alcohol level makes it a great wine to take to the beach or picnics.

Last, but not least, you can enjoy a Sauvignon Blanc from warm climate regions. With flavors like passion fruit, kiwi, and peach, this tropical wine will make you feel like you’re on your own private island.

2. Red

If you’re looking for the perfect red to take with you on a summer barbecue, look no further than  Zinfandel. With a high acidity and a moderate amount of tannins, this is an amazing wine to have at your BBQ since it pairs great with burgers, chicken, sausage and more. Next time someone fires up a grill, make sure to have one of these bottles by your side.

Forget what you’ve been told – chilling red wines is 100% acceptable (and oh so delicious). With cranberry, raspberry, and other berry flavors, Pinot Noir makes for an exceptional wine to drink when chilled to a cool 53 degrees. Pinot Noir pairs well with feta, swiss, and gouda cheese making it a great wine to take to the beach or poolside.

Finally, there’s Barbera wine – another great wine to serve chilled. But instead of taking this wine somewhere like the beach or to a picnic, consider bringing to al fresco BYOB restaurants since it pairs well with classy foods like rich dark meats, mushrooms, and pasta.

3. Rosé

Are you looking for a fruity, floral Rosé? Look no further than one made of Grenache. Served cold, the notes of strawberry and orange will be the perfect compliment to a tomato, watermelon and feta salad.

Syrah Rosé is a more savory style and will have notes of pepper, olives, and cherry. Since this tends to be on the bolder side for a Rosé, it is ok to serve it a little warmer than fridge temperature. Grilling a pepperoni or sausage pizza out by the pool? This wine is a perfect choice.

Lastly, we have the light and fruity Provence Rosé. This wine is super crisp, dry and refreshing, making this a great match for almost anything you’re serving.

This summer, try something new! Stay refreshed, while you enjoy the crisp and fruity flavors of summertime wines. Make sure to stay hydrated and as always, wine on!