When people hear the word “wine” they automatically associate it with fermented grape juice and a great time. Although they are not completely mistaken, wine can be made from other fruits as well. As a matter of fact, as long as a fruit has enough sugar, its juice can be compressed and fermented into wine. While grape-based is still the most common type of wine, some fruit wines are starting to match their level of complexity, enjoyment and sophistication.

Many tropical fruit produce delicious, rich-colored wines.  Specially popular in Southeast-Asian countries, pineapple wines are usually dry with a sweet flavor. Most varieties of pineapple wine are meant to be served chilled and to be enjoyed by the glass, just just like white wine. This easy wine can be perfectly paired with both meat and fish courses.

With a unique color and a strong fruit flavor, banana winescan be made as a standalone drink or it can be mixed with other wines to create a more complex flavor profile. Depending on the recipe used, bananas can be fermented into sweet or dry wines, both working really well with pork and seafood.

Did you know that you may have been drinking fruit wine for years without knowing it? Cider, the widely popular beverage, is nothing but apple wine.Apples’ versatility allows them to be used  for sparkling wine, dry wine, or cider. While it’s usually made out of a particular cultivars, producer can also combine different types of apples to increase the nutritional value and flavor complexity of this wine. This palate-pleasing is enjoyed all over the globe, from Latin-America, to Europe and Australia, especially in cheese parties or special occasions.

Particularly popular in the universe of fruit wines are berries. In fact, almost any variety of berry can be fermented to make wine. Ranging from the dry variety of blueberries, to the full-bodied wines made out of dark berries, to the rich fruit flavor profile of blackberries, there are options for every wine lover. Strawberry wines are usually sweet and meant to be served chilled or at room temperature. Its fruity profile makes this summer favorite a tasty dessert; not only because it pairs exceptionally well with chocolate, but because it can substitute desserts itself. As an added bonus, it can also be used when cooking to add a fruity flavor.

Another summer favorite is cranberry wine. This alternative to grape-driven wines, has a beautiful rose gold color and a distinctive semi-sweet taste. As many of its relatives, cranberry wines are not just extremely exquisite, but they are also packed with multiple health benefits. Next time you’re enjoying a turkey meal, try pairing it with a glass cranberry wine. The experience is guaranteed!

With great antioxidant properties, blueberry wines’high acidity and low sugar level makes it a really nice dry table wine. When served  at room temperature, most people will confuse it by a regular grape-based wine.

Fruit wines are not very common in liquor stores, therefore when you’re invited to taste one you’ll most like be enjoying a wine locally made. These types of wines gives you the opportunity to learn about different cultures, their flavors and fruits. As part of your sampling for this summer, enjoy mixing different fruit wines for an enhanced flavor mix.

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