When you think of American wine, your mind may automatically go to California; with Napa and Sonoma, this is the premiere wine region in the USA. While Cali may reign supreme, there is a lot to explore outside of the Golden State. In this blog series, we will tour the country to explore and discover the best wine that this great country has to offer from sea to shining sea. Let’s kick it off with a little Southern Hospitality!


Imagine yourself gazing at the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains while sipping a glass of Virginia’s premium wines. Well, you’re in luck because at the foot of those mountains lie vines full of delicious wine grapes. It so figures that Virginia is the region’s leader in fine wine and in the last 20 years those vines have doubled, proving that the commonwealth’s wine is here to stay! Hit the three main wine trails, Blue Ridge Wine Way, Loudoun Wine Trail, and Monticello Wine Trail, and you will not be disappointed. And don’t forget to try Virginia’s own Morton grape!


When you relax in the Yadkin Valley of North Carolina you’ll be in for a treat. Exploring the Yadkin is like hunting for treasure. Each winery is distinct and creative. The stretch between Lexington, N.C. and the Virginia state line is home to amazing wine. From sprawling properties with many bustling employees, to smaller ones where you meet the proprietor at tastings, there is something for everyone.  If you’re in the mood for a lux Tuscan-style villa experience, or you want to check out what a converter dairy-farm winery is all about, just plan your trip to the Tar Heel state.


If you like to get in while it’s still early, then what has been called the country’s “Next Napa” may be just the ticket! We are talking about the great state of Texas’ Hill Country. The Hill Country wine trail is buzzing with expectation and promise. The land of wine and wildflowers is the fastest growing wine-producing region in the country and some believe it’s on track to become the next Napa Valley. With 51 unique and visually stunning wineries located in the Hill Country trail, from Austin to Fredericksburg and Lampasas to New Braunfels, there’s someplace new to explore every day. Each winery has its own personality and style of winemaking and all share a great passion for what they do.


Southern Hospitality is more than just a phrase. For all of these vineyards, it is a way of life. While California is the undisputed American wine giant, there are other regions that are creating amazing wine and excellent guest experiences. We will explore all of these regions in the coming issues of our Wine Nation Blog Series, so stay tuned!