You’ve got the main course covered, the desserts chosen and your guest list ready to go…but what about the wine? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Behold, a step-by-step guide with everything you’ll need to pour from as soon as the doorbell rings, to until the very last guest has left the building. We’re leaving no New Year’s attendee thirsty and we’re doing it all without opening a single bottle!


Despite its “summer water” rep, Rosé’s underlying savory notes make it great for the new year celebration. It’s a nice way to greet guests, but not so nice that latecomers will experience FOMO, as if a butler came around with Krug before they got there.

Hors d’Oeuvres

No need to party it all up before sunset. Stock up on low-octane, dry Rieslings (choose ones labeled “Trocken,” the driest designation). The most versatile white is a good match for spreads and passed appetizers from crudités to deviled eggs.

To Start Dinner

Sit everyone down to a subtly sweet sparkling red. Effervescent wines are always right for toasting, and a sweet one will cleanse the palate like scrubbing bubbles after mom’s baked brie.

Throughout Dinner

Light and bright Gamay, the current “It” grape, has a tart acidity that will balance the onslaught of heavy, savory sides very well. Pair almost anything with this delicious red.

After Dinner

Have a sip of Port! Great vintage ports can age for decades; but assuming you don’t have a temperature-controlled cellar and decades of patience, you might want something more immediately approachable. Said to arguably be the world’s greatest sweet wine port will be the perfect finish to any delicious meal you or your guests might have just had.

Right Before The Clock Strikes Twelve

That bottle you said you weren’t going to open because you were saving it for something special? Well with Coravin now you don’t have an excuse. Go ahead and find freedom by the glass! You know you want to. And besides, what’s the point of wine if not to share it with those you love?