The holidays are a time for family, friends, food and drink! Enjoy the season with these delicious drinks that you can make by the glass, with the help of your Coravin Wine System.

4. Classic Red Sangria

National Sangria Day is the celebrated on the 20th of December. Make sure you have glasses of this delicious Spanish drink handy to celebrate!

3. Mulled Wine

Warm Mulled Wine is a telling sign of the season!  Enjoy this European favorite with all your friends and family.

2. White Wine Spritzer

Spritzers are light and fun! Whip up this easy White Wine Spritzer by the glass and cheer to the season!

1. Moscato Mule

This yummy drink is a contemporary twist on the beloved Moscow Mule. Use Moscato in this version and voilá! Enjoy your Moscato Mule, you’re welcome 😉

Fill a glass of wine halfway with chilled white wine.

Top with club soda, lemon lime soda or ginger ale.

Garnish with lemon wheels.