Football season finally started, and how can we not be excited about football-filled weekends and wings galore? As much as we don’t mind sipping on some beer while watching a game, we still think that wine makes the perfect companion to our sports nights. If the following 10 facts don’t prove it to you, we don’t know what will:

1. Football season is also peak red wine season…

The season starts in the fall, and it just so happens that it’s the peak time for heart-warming reds.  Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah or Barbera, these bold red wines are perfect complements to warm snacks. Plus, let’s be honest – football is a red wine drinkers sport, really.

2. … But that doesn’t mean whites are left out either

Football season kicks off in the midst of Indian summer, therefore calling for crisp whites (we’re talking Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, etc.). Perfect for those buffalo wings or loaded potato skins you’re munching on while enjoying the game.

3. The biggest sport stars love wine, too

Not only do they love wine, but some even took a swing at wine business and started making their own wine. Take Dwyane Wade, for example: the 3-time NBA Champion is not your regular basketball player – the MVP now has his own label, Wade Cellars, and is looking into expanding his brand and knowledge of wine. And he isn’t the only one to own a winery: numerous other famous athletes do too, including golfer Ernie Els and former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka.

4. What’s tailgating without wine?

Tailgating is all about iconic football foods – sliders, pizzas, sandwiches, chili and other snacks. But just because the food is decidedly casual doesn’t mean the wine should be an afterthought. And these pairings are just the confirmation you need.

5. The greatest sport victories are celebrated with wine

No wonder wine is “win” with an “e” on the end. Some of the biggest sports’ triumphs are generally followed by some decadent bubbly being drunk and/or sprayed generously on the players – think Cricket World Cup, The Masters or the Stanley Cup, among many others.

6. There’s a song called “Sports & Wine”

We can’t make that up. Ben Folds reunites sports and wine in this 2009 song. And just for that, we can’t help but hit replay.

7. Because nothing beats a wine workout

Wine workouts are (finally) a thing! Health coach April Storey has recently created a series of workout videos featuring wine, to get fit in between sips. She’s not the only one incorporating wine into her fitness routine, and we’re all about it!

8. Last year’s Super Bowl’s location

Last year, wine was even more in the spotlight, as the Super Bowl was played in Santa Clara in California, close to some of the biggest vineyards in the United States. Do you really need any more proof of that wine/sports relationship?

9. Sports teams have their own wine

Yes, that’s right, you can find, for example, some Red Sox branded wine. Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay or sparkling, Red Sox fans can even drink their favorite team’s wine!

10. These inspiring words by Clay Mauritson

We’ll end this list with some inspiring thought shared by Clay Mauritson, who played linebacker at the University of Oregon: “In football, there’s always someone working harder than you, and you wake up at 5 a.m., and you pay attention to every detail,” he said. “You certainly apply that to viticulture and winemaking.”