Some will book a flight based on the price of the ticket or the route the airline flies, others focus on the overall cabin comfort – but for a select group of travelers, what truly matters is the wine list. CNN dubs them “oeno-fliers”, and for them, if adding a layover or taking a longer route means having the opportunity to enjoy a few glasses of premium champagne, it is all worth it!

Emirates Airlines serves the highly-prized champagne Dom Perignon 2004 in its first class, Singapore Airlines’ first class passengers can enjoy a glass of that same bottle, alongside Krug Grande Cuvee, while Air France offers the Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 2004 in the summer… Airlines are starting to pay attention to those “oeno-fliers” and their delicate palates: two years ago, Emirates announced a $500 million investment for its on-board wine program, and Qantas, the Australian airline, published its own on-board wine guide, twice a year.

When it comes to fine bubbly, prolonging the journey by hours or adding a layover are not obstacles. For them, wine is an experience that is enjoyed even thousands of feet above ground.

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