What do you do when you finish that bottle of Malbec or Chardonnay? Next time, instead of throwing your wine bottle away, try one of these 4 fun ways to reuse your leftover bottles with these creative DIY ideas!

4. Transform your wine bottle into a candle

Perfect to warm up your living room or light up your outdoor area during summer nights. Head to HelloNatural for a DIY tutorial to replace your old tiki torches with your favorite bottles!

3. Transform your wine bottle into a LED lamp

To stay on the lighting theme, you can also easily make your own LED lamps with your leftover wine bottles. The process is cheap and easy, and makes a perfect décor item for your festive nights. Check out this tutorial and get started!

2. Transform your wine bottle into a bird feeder

Feeding birds is inexpensive and necessary, especially during the harsh winter times. Plus, who doesn’t like killing time by birdwatching right outside their window? Your empty bottle of wine is the perfect tool to build a bird feeder that will cost you a fraction of the price you would pay anywhere else. The Chicken Street gives you every single step to make your own bird feeder out of your wine bottle!

1. Transform your wine bottle into a chalkboard painted jar

Hear is a creative and elegant way to store your sweets, spices or else. All you need is a perfectly clean empty wine bottle and a few tools to create your customized jar with chalkboard paint to create your own label. Follow this link for more details!