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    Red, White, Coravin: A story from Feast It Forward


    Our friend Katie Shaffer, founder of wine and food media network Feast It Forward recently published this article on the Feast it Forward blog about an experience she had with Coravin at her brother and sister-in-law’s home over the 4th of July weekend. I really enjoyed reading this story, especially since I think it touches on so many aspects of why the Coravin System can be invaluable, and opens up a world of opportunity for experiencing truly unique and once in a lifetime wines. I hope you enjoy her story as much as I did!

    – Claire at Coravin

    Like me, my brother and sister-in-law enjoy their vino. Each time we get together, corks (many) are popped and conversation swirls like wine around what interesting bottles or brands we’re enjoying these days. Though we only live a few hours from each other, due to life’s busy schedule in addition to managing our kiddos, we aren’t able to visit as often as we would like. SO, when we do, it’s a cause for celebration.

    Running a lifestyle brand within the wine industry offers me quite a few perks…and  each time I visit my brother I come ‘a packing some goodies to share. Beyond meeting great people and discovering unique wines, it’s partners like Stolzle and  Coravin that give me great pleasure to pass along their mission and wonderful  products. I’m like a kid in a candy store…love it.

    Like many avid wine enthusiasts, Tom and Meghan own a handful of glassware to enjoy their chosen drink. However, with the launch of our luxury glassware line deemed as “The Glass Does Make A Difference”, I was excited to bring along a pack of our soon-to-release glasses for them to experience whatever wines we would dive into…the right way, with Stolzle born-in-fire.

    As the little sister following my brother, I’ve witnessed Tom and Meghan establish their life and grow together. First came two dogs, followed by wedding gifts, another dog, a kid, to another kid and another dog. Within that, moving 5 times and having the joy of packing up life’s belongings; necessities, crap and all. With every move, I noticed these two wine bottles that would grace their standing wine shelf. Honestly, I didn’t give them much thought after their first few moves. Seemed like an easy to pack item that happened to be placed from the shipping box back in its original “home.” But then after the third and fourth move, I began to ponder the meaning behind them. Was it laziness when moving and packing? Or was there something more?

    Read the rest of Katie’s story on the Feast It Forward blog.