We’ve written about everything from our favorite wines, “Bucket List” wines, to California cult wines on the Coravin blog, but Forbes contributor Katie Kelly Bell recently wrote up the “Top Ten Iconic Wines Every Collector Must Have,” offering a different take on what should be considered collection-worthy wine. In the article, she consults Omar Khan, wine consultant and founder of the International Business & Wine Society, who advocates for “iconic” wines over “trophy” wines. Trophy wines, he describes as wines with high ratings from critics, for which you have to pay a high premium. Iconic wines, on the other hand, are “emblematic of region, terroir, winemaker, and grape.” The following is their list of top Iconic Wines for collectors:

1. Weingut Egon Muller (Mosel, Germany)

2. Giacomo Conterno (Piedmont, Italy)

3. Chateau Conseillante (Right Bank Bordeaux, France)

4. Chateau Palmer (Left Bank Bordeaux, France)

5. Kalin Cellars (Sonoma, California)

For the rest of their suggestions, read the full article in its original source, at ForbesLife online.