We’re very excited here at Coravin to announce our latest partnership with Feast It Forward, a “culinary + wine + entertainment media network showcasing good will from their back yard in the Napa Valley to across the globe.” Founded and led by celebrity host and entertainer Katie Hamilton Shaffer, Feast It Forward produces and promotes high quality digital content featuring “all things food, wine and philanthropy.” Feast It Forward was first introduced to us several months ago, and we think that this is going to be a great partnership – we have the same passion for food, wine, and people.

To kick off our brand new partnership, they attended the first in a series of blind tastings in the Napa Valley today, April 29th. Anyone who regularly keeps up with the Coravin blog knows how important blind tastings are forproving the efficacy of the Coravin System. Coravin founder and inventor Greg Lambrecht has been hosting blind tastings around the world over the last two years, sharing the Coravin technology and methodology with wine professionals and experts globally. Most recently, he hosted a tasting in Paris where the wines had been accessed a year previously, and no attendees could discern the difference! This afternoon, Greg was out in Napa, California, hosting our biggest blind tasting yet. He invited friends, colleagues, and experts to attend at CIA Greystone. They tasted a variety of wines, poured with Coravin, signing the bottles and discussing with Greg. They will reconvene in three months to taste these same wines “blind;” in other words, they will have a series of glasses set in front of them poured from two bottles. They won’t know which of the glasses are poured from the bottles accessed today, and which glasses are poured from fresh bottles (from the same case of wine).

We’re really excited to have Feast It Forward founder Katie in attendance. Even more exciting, is that she’s brought with her some of her fantastic partner glasses (check out these beautiful Stölzle wine glasses) and wines, and her camera crew! They’ll be filming these tastings for their website. We will be sure to share these videos when they’re done so that everyone will be able to experience the tastings!

Below are some of the highlights from today’s event, as seen on Twitter!