We sometimes hear from people that Coravin “isn’t for them;” they have no problem drinking a bottle of wine at once. Of course, pouring just a single glass of fine wine with Coravin is a primary benefit, but it certainly isn’t the only one.

Here are ten times you may not have considered using your Coravin (but definitely should)!

11. To relax with just one glass at the end of the day

After a long day, there’s nothing better than a glass of wine. Sometimes you come home and there’s no one home to share a bottle with. Or maybe you have an early meeting and don’t want to have to share a bottle with your partner. If you are the only wine drinker in your house, this is a no brainer! You can enjoy the wine that you want at the end of the day, without having to wait for someone to share it with.

10. To turn your wine rack into your own personal wine bar

“I’ll take whatever’s open.” How often have you received this response from a guest when asked what they would like to drink? You pour them a glass of the crowd’s favorite, a full bodied Cabernet, which they sip politely, only to later reveal that they prefer a lighter bodied Pinot. Now, when a guest courteously requests a glass of whatever is open, you can point her in the direction of the wine rack and let her have her pick. Each guest can drink exactly what they like, without having to open lots of bottles.

9. To learn about wine

How are you to know whether you prefer New World or Old World styles without tasting two glasses of Russian River Pinot and Burgundy side by side? This is what Coravin inventor Greg Lambrecht was aiming for when he invented the Coravin System. He wanted to taste his wines side by side and find out what the differences were, what he preferred to drink. Who is going to open three bottles in one night, especially if it’s just you and one or two other people? But with Coravin, you can easily pour from three, four, five, or more bottles in a single evening.

Try pouring tastes of an Oregon Pinot Noir and contrasting it to one from California or France. Pour a vertical from your favorite producer and note how each year was a little different. Form unbiased opinions about wine by blind tasting – you may end up with an unexpected new favorite.

8. To turn a typical Wednesday night into a celebration

Benjamin Franklin is quoted having said “wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.” Who are we to argue? Tonight is the night to stop waiting until your anniversary or your daughter’s graduation to pour a glass of the De La Tour Clos de Vougeot you’ve been cellaring. Set your bottles free! Enjoying an amazing glass of wine can turn an unremarkable night into a happy and memorable experience.

7. To stop compromising

Relationships are full of little compromises. Chicken or fish? CNN or TLC? Vacation in Bermuda or Thailand? Now you can cross “red or white?” off of that list. Drink what you like. Your significant other can do the same.

6. To pair a different wine with every course during dinner (for two)

What’s the fun of selecting just one bottle of wine to drink with dinner, when you can select three and enjoy a glass of each with different courses, even if you are dining alone or in a small group? Enjoy Gruner with your salad and Merlot with your steak. And the apple tart you’ve prepared for dessert? Why not try an Ice wine? Before long you’ll start having fun coming up with creative wine pairings for all of your meals… and snacks. Popcorn and Chardonnay make a fine pair as do Cool Ranch Doritos and Rosé (a personal favorite).

5. At your favorite restaurant

Many restaurants use Coravin to offer amazing wine by the glass lists but if you frequent one that doesn’t, think about bringing your Coravin along. You can order a great bottle of wine and ask the sommelier not to remove the cork. Use Coravin to pour a glass or two and bring the remaining wine home to enjoy later.

4. When you want just one more glass

We frequently hear feedback from customers that this is one of their favorite things about the Coravin System. When they’ve shared a great bottle of wine at dinner and want just one more glass (but definitely not an entire bottle) they no longer have to worry about wasting most of that last bottle.

3. To monitor the aging process

The old way of monitoring your aging wines involved purchasing an entire case and opening bottles at various durations to check on progress. Without multiple bottles to test you would need to make an educated guess about the wine and could end up with a bottle that is much too young, past prime, or worse. With Coravin, you can pour a small taste of a bottle from your cellar, not how it is aging, and then lay it back down without interrupting the process.

2. To host a wine tasting party

What’s better than enjoying a bottle of wine with friends? How about, enjoying tastes from ten? A couple times a year, invite a big group of friends over. Pull out the treasure chest of half full bottles you’ve accumulated since you started using Coravin and pull the corks. Your friends will be able to take their pick of pours from dozens of wines and you’ll make room for more bottles (a win win).

1. When your recipe calls for 1/4 cup of wine

You should never cook with a wine that you wouldn’t want to drink. You should also never waste the wine you don’t use in your recipe. If you use Coravin, you can take just what you need and drink the rest of the bottle (or use it in another recipe) when you’re ready.