This fall Coravin welcomed four new members to the team: Slava and Mike in Accounting, Andy in Engineering, and me, Elizabeth, in Product Management. People always ask us, what is it like to join a start-up? Well, we all come from different backgrounds, joined different departments, and are working on different projects, but there are some common insights about joining Coravin.

Things move fast.

I came to Coravin from a corporation with over 300,000 employees globally. Projects required long timelines due to the sheer number of people and opinions to consider. When I started at Coravin, I immediately noticed how fast the pace is here. It is a fun, and exciting atmosphere to work in and is constantly changing. Decisions are made quickly, so projects progress quickly. The small size, lack of a complex hierarchy, and good communication between all departments make it possible for Coravin to be nimble. The team makes thoughtful, strategic decisions promptly. As soon as I walked through the door, I hit the ground running … and have not stopped since.

One person can have an impact.

Andy came to Coravin after five years at a local mid-sized robotics company, where he was exposed to many different facets of the design cycle for consumer products. However, Coravin presented an opportunity to have more of an impact on the product. The Coravin Engineering team is small but has lots to do, so Andy was given projects of his own immediately. He is full speed ahead, and his work will be seen by all Coravin customers, a meaningful privilege hard to come by in larger companies.

Passion is contagious.

Slava had just finished a co-op at another local start-up and Mike joined the team after working in government finance. They were both drawn to Coravin for the opportunity to be a part of the unique group of energetic and dedicated people required of a successful start-up. Mike quickly noticed how passionate and hard-working the Coravin team is, and attributes this to our success. The finance team has been working incredibly hard to complete our European launch, while keeping the ball rolling here at home. It has required a lot of dedication and concentration, but even several nights of burning the midnight oil have not deterred these newcomers. Slava and Mike are excited to be a part of a great team full of fun, smart and amazing people that work to the fullest to achieve their goals.

Each one of us has a different reason for choosing Coravin, but we are all happy to have joined this great team. When I am excited to go to work on Monday morning, I know there must be something special about Coravin. Every day I am doing something different; learning a lot about product management and a lot about wine (a great benefit). I am excited to see how Slava, Mike, Andy, and I will shape Coravin’s future.