A new series will be published on the Coravin Blog. In it, we will introduce you to the best destinations for wine lovers to visit!

As summer is nearly over we thought that it would be nice to get some inspiration on where to spend your next vacation and to have a gleam of hope during the freezing winter.

My wine loving family spent some time in Burgundy and it is their favorite destination for wine so I would like to talk with you this beautiful wine region in France.

About Burgundy

Burgundy, also known as Bourgogne, is made out of four areas – the Yonne, the Côte d’Or, Nièvre, and Saône-et-Loire and its capital is the lovely and traditional town of Dijon. It’s famous for its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Their grapes grow on about 25,000 hectares of vineyards which soils consist of Limestone, clay-limestone and marl. Burgundy’s climate is continental, with cold winters and warm summers. Although there is never a bad time to visit Burgundy November might be an ideal month, when the air is crisp and the vineyards are covered in blazing autumn colors.

Burgundy Wines

“Go to Burgundy and you will know the true joy of living.” – Yasushi Inoué.

Burgundy wines are known and loved everywhere in the world. In fact, some are considered the best in the world. As it is described as the land where food and wine is kind of art you should enjoy perfectly prepared meals with local high quality wines. The places to be for white wine lovers are the vineyards of Chablis, Meursault. La Romanée, Chambertin and Musigny are well-known for their red wines. To try the elegant and lovely taste of high quality burgundy wines without spending lots of money the tasting cellars in Beaune, Chablis or Mâcon are perfect places to visit. You can get a great overview for only 10 euros a head. There are outstanding half-day and day tours with expert guides what offers a deeper look into the wineries, the different tastes and Burgundy itself.

Other activities and historic places

If you get unexpectedly bored of tasting the elegant wines and exploring the beautiful vineyards of Burgundy or if you travel with people who are not interested in wine, there are many other activities. There are endless historic churches and abbeys, châteaux like the Château de Sully, picturesque villages and museums that are worth a visit. Beautiful rivers and lakes offer more options for water sports like rafting or canoeing. Adventurous people can do fun things like driving quad bikes or rock climbing.

Start planning your next vacation to Burgundy!

Burgundy’s charm consists of space and pure air, romance, peace, tradition and beauty. It is the perfect place for people that enjoy beautiful nature and exploring different vineyards. It’s a great destination for everyone, whether you’re a wine fanatic or not!

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