We recently met with Joe Bastianich at his restaurant, Osteria Mozza, in Los Angeles. As an early investor in Coravin, he believes it has big benefits in the restaurant industry.

Watch the video below to find out what Joe has to say:

Thinking about implementing a Coravin BTG program at your wine bar or restaurant? There are many benefits to never pulling the cork:

  • Dramatically expand wine by the glass program at low cost and with no waste.
  • Pour your finest wines and earn higher revenues with every fresh glass.
  • Create flights of world-class wine that will delight and educate guests.
  • Create the often requested “half bottle” selections for the most discriminating palates.
  • Pour any magnum from around the world for an exciting experience tableside or at the bar.
  • Showcase your wine list by the glass with no waste and consistent perfection.

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